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Monday, September 25, 2006

Ready, Steady, Charity - 5

Apu's words - Arboreal, mosquitoes, miracle

Ammani's take

Manas, the mosquito harbours a secret. He is arboreal. That means he lives predominantly in bushes and trees. Now, for you and me who know that a mosquito's natural habitat is humid, wet conditions, this might seem a miracle. But for Manas it was natural to live among greenery. And he was quite happy buzzing there for the first 23 hours of his life till he realised that he was rather alone. So he sought company. Unfortunately, his rare ability meant that none of his species could live up there with him. Which left Manas, unable to breed and pass on his mutant gene. Hours have gone by and Manas, it appears, is doomed to spend his old age alone. In one final stab at the mating game, Manas is going to attend a speed-dating event scheduled for this evening in your living room. Please do not swat him.


The Visitor said...

LOL - good one

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

:D Manas the mosquito may your tribe increase!

Rookie said...

"arboreal, mosquitoes, miracle"

Slap. Got one more. He wondered how many mosquitoes inhabited the forest. And how long it would take for him to slap each one of them to a bloody, messy death. He suddenly felt a pang of guilt for wishing death to an insect. He was an animal psychologist, after all. He had been waiting for a glimpse of a loris for 7 hours now, and he was beginning to lose his patience. He should have known; the arboreal was very elusive and had only been sighted twice in this part of the forest. If only he had more grants to fund his travel to a rain forest with a higher loris population. Another mosquito buzzed near his ear, and he turned around sharply in annoyance. His eyes followed the insect fly away lazily. He almost turned away in disgust when he spotted a movement in the direction that the mosquito had taken. He spotted the loris behind a branch. It was a miracle! Bless the mosquito.

apu said...

Good one...didn't expect to see such a personable mosquito :)