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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Four already!

They grow up so quickly!

Reading My Son

His last school days; he strolls through the door,
his shirt signed in fat felt-tips by his mates.
Sophie loves him loads and Todd reminds him
to keep in touch by nightly MSN.
Jodie's going to miss his wicked laugh.
Mel rates his hair and someone wants his babies.

I try to read him. He drinks orange juice
straight from the carton, towering over me.
He's going out tonight. He turns the bass up.
The shirt's sloughed off. I'll hold it once he's gone.

-Catherine Smith


B o o said...

Happy Birthday Jikku! Nice to know you through your Mother's words!

S said...

Wishing Jikku a Happy and wonderful Bob the builder, Postman Pat and Brum filled Birthday!!

Bubby said...

Happy Birthday Chinnu kutty! ennada avlo busy-a? chitti nerayadadavai phone panneen! phone edu :)



Shyam said...

Hope the lilfella had a lovely b'day :) Four already!

Nee said...

Happy Birthday Jikku!

neha vish said...

Birthday wishes for the little one. :)

Nandhu said...

cute poem.

WA said...

Sweet. Hope Jikku had a wonderful birthday