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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ready, Steady, Charity - 24

Inquisitive Akka's words - Chikungunya, rasa podi, cracker

Shoefiend's take

Her joints were swollen. Her fever raged like her irate mother-in-law. She was confined to bed, the television had been unplugged (God knows what had happened on Yen Pondatti Thangam) and she was on a diet of stale crackers (sprinkled with rasapodi.) It was just a particularly vile fever, she consoled herself as she swallowed another crocin on the sly. What had the Doctor called it? Chikungunya! Madasambrani! Didn’t he know she was a Brahmin?


Mahadevan said...

Perhaps, having been fed on snak-guards,the doctor must have felt that chikungunya would not spare her, notwithstanding her brahmincal protestations.

Bubby said...


Anandvigadan joke:
Man 1: Anda doctor poi(fake) doctor-nnu epdi sollara

Man 2: enakku Mutton-guniya vandirukkunnu sollararee!
On a chikunguniya-Dengue differentiation discussion in my office , our receptionist told us:
"I dont think one gets chikunguniya after eating chicken yaa.. c'mon yaa.. hum log roz kaathe hein (we eat chicken everyday) "

[idu nesamaa nadandathuppaaah!]