Monday, October 09, 2006

Ready, Steady, Charity - 27

Jordi's words - Paella, bicycle, karma

Ammani's take

What are you cooking?, he asked as he parked his bicycle outside their house.

Chicken karma, she replied stirring the pot a little more vigorously than usual.

I thought you said you were going to make paella for dinner, he wondered aloud.

Not pa-el-la, she corrected him, it's pa-eh-ya. I changed my mind. It's going to be chicken karma tonight.

Not karma, he offered, it's korma. K-O-R-M-A.

Really? she demanded turning around to look at him. Ask the chicken what he's doing on our dinner table and chances are, he'll say that it's his karma and not korma.

It must be a certain time of the month, he reckoned as he walked away.


Shammi said...

hahaha... Love this one, Ammani :D

Anonymous said...

loved the "ask the chicken" part really ... made me burst out into a giggle ...

Mahadevan said...

Chicken's karma is korma for somebody and perhaps, that is the dharma.

Maya Reiss said...

good one.. cracked me up :D

Anonymous said...

Really excellent !! Goes well with ur image of thinking creatively... and create humour with the meaning !

Anonymous said...

good one :)
nice pun :)