Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A quick tale 174

Why you are ringing your son at this time of the day

Do you your remember that day when you told him, 'Not now. I'll buy you one on the way back'? It was a hot, sticky afternoon and the ice-cream cart was parked in the middle of the road. The little one had asked you for a cone when you made the promise. But on your return you took a different route and forgot all about the ice-cream. Today, as you went past the same road, you recalled your words from that day, all those years ago. You take out mobile and dial the 14 digits that make up his number. You just want to hear the lilting familiarity of his voice. And be reminded of the days when his palm was small enough to fit into yours. And he made quiet demands of you.


Anonymous said...

How very true!!
Time flies and you are not even aware of it. No matter how much we grow/change over years, we will still be the "little kid" to our parents ..even when we are old enough to have our own kids..
Wish there was a rewind button in life..where we could go back and relive some of the good old days. Sigh..
As always amazing post... Do keep writing such great stuff..

Oh it's surprising that I got to be the first to comment on this nice one.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting and nice one. In my life and everyones life there are so many such things have happend. Very interesting "MALARUM NINAIVUGAL"

Anonymous said...

To make my comment as short and quick like your tale, all i have to say is "I am greatly Moved". And it certainly pulls out all my GREEN CHILDHOOD MEMORIES.