Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A quick tale 177

Inspired by these two hilarious posts.

On going to see Tripurasundari

My dear Tripurasundari,

That was silly of me, I admit. Turning you down because of your name. Wondering how the immigration official will mangle its exquisite multiple syllables. Worrying if I'll ever find a satisfactory nick name for you. How could I have been so blind, O beautiful goddess?

You know, I haven't stopped thinking about you ever since I came away from your house. Everyday when the weathergirl on tv mutters 'rains in Assam, Meghalaya and Tripura...', guess who I wish was sitting next to me, sharing my rasam sadam? You, my fair Madrasi chick!

I am 38 and still single. Every Vanitha and Sunitha I said yes to didn't wish to marry me. I have excellent credentials and an unblemished past. So if you are still available, may I invite you to a fine cup of filter coffee at Mylai Karpaga Vilas? They also serve excellent keerai vadai there.

Please don't say no.




apu said...

The revenge of the madrasi chicks :-) (Is Vulturo reading....)

Anonymous said...

In the original story,the guy is/was Subbu,eh ??

Castor aka Kiwilax said...

He he, really and totally cool - chap with a name like Vaiyanathan turniggn down Tripura.....btw, Ammani, tell me are you from Mylapore? I sense you have great familiarity with the area? I am, so would be nice to meet a fellow Mylaporean in the blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

Nice story...

Ashish Agarwal said...

Great. "Serves me right, turning down a potentially great life partner because I did not like her name"

Anonymous said...

Me flattered! :) Esply as this is a great QT! :)

.:: ROSH ::. said...

hehehe that was ROTFL are the best!