Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Talk Talk 3

A change from the usual. Two people are standing below this board. You see that they are deep in conversation. What are they saying? Please keep your dialogues short and post them in the comment box. Thank you.


Ahiri said...

Ramsamei : Enna pa padichirikkiya ?

X^Y : hunh pinne ?!?!Foreignle

Ramsamei : adhu innadhu ? konjam
padichu solreengala ?

X^Y : Modhalaye Aana Pennanu
sonna thappan, edhukkum
neenga oru 450 ruubaa
eduthukittu ponga.

Ahiri said...

X^Y : Saar, who do you think will win the elections this time Saar ?

Doctor : Jayalalitha .

Inside the hospital,

exaarvai : Doctor ,who will win the
elections this time ?

Doctor : Karunanidhi.

Unknown said...

Mother – in -law: Look at this board…I don’t think we have come to the right place.
‘Best’ friend: Don’t worry, This is India…Nothing is impossible here.
MIL:But see…it says it is punishable under law….
BF: So what? we are not under law…we are above law …of any kind…
MIL:Do you think the doctor here will do it?
BF: If not here, elsewhere… He has another place where he does all this…We just fix up the date, site and…the rate!

MIL: Whatever….It is question of my family’s pride…

***: Very crass, I know...

Kupps said...

After Ramasamei & X^Y vacated the place, a couple (hubby & wife) from siene, france who can understand english to a good extend arrive the spot. The female is pregnant and is adamant in knowing the sex of her child.

wife: i want to know the sex of my child.

hubby: ha here u go; i heard that in india sex determination was banned and thank god here is a clinic that announces that they do not follow that law here (points to the line "not practiced here" written immediately after the ban statement).

wife: hmm...india seems to be a sophisticated democracy wherein people can choose to or not to follow/practice rules & laws.

Neodawn said...

The conversation is in Tamil...

Man: The government doesn’t understand our reality. Poor people like us can’t afford another girl child. Even our prominent gods do not have a girl child.
Woman: Please, even if it is a girl, it’s still our girl. That’s what the gods decided.
Man: The gods decided our poverty too. And, we are only human.
Woman: {lengthy silence}
Man: See, they have written it in English too. It is not just poor people like us who resort to this option, even a lot of middle class people too.

The woman starts to walk away.

Anonymous said...

Let us say that the hoarding is on Mada veedhi. next to Leo Coffee. Old Mama who has stepped in to get week's quota of 1/2 kg of peaberry looks at the hoarding and mutters ( a soliloqy)

" Ivan ennatha illegal pesavendiyurukku.Intha hoardinge unlicensed and against law"

Stone said...

Compounder:: ya charges are 1200/-
Man:: But what about the board here, about the law...

Compounder:: Oh..can't you read ..'Not practised here'