Monday, May 21, 2007

A quick tale 184

We hugged and he let go

His bags were packed and weighed. Passport? Yes. Tickets? Yes. I didn't want to go to the airport. What is the point of protracted goodbyes? He came to me. We hugged. He let go. Call me when you've reached. I will. He stood there just looking at me. A tiredness crept into my eyes. I just wanted him to leave. When will I see you again? He smiled a sad smile. I thought I had asked the question in my head. We both knew the answer to that question.


leoNYdas said...

Truly reminds me of the good bye's I have said.

Anonymous said...

There are some farewells , where you dont know exactly what is in the air.Whether it is the real sadness of saying Goodbye , or the state at which you have to say goodbye or ..some thing very questioning in the air which tells its not a normal goodbye....
As it turns out now was to be the last good bye.