Wednesday, June 20, 2007


dead bird in the garden
bed gird on the bar den
ban turd in durban
bad turn in turban

Perhaps another new series. Send me your take on the photo above. Anything goes. Just post it in the comment box. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Should Poets thrive on melancholy?

Anonymous said...

maybe if i play dead
lay still,
concrete touching my head
someone might just notice
i'm a pigeon, not an otis.
take a picture
write a poem, absurd.
and pay homage - to me
a mere bird.

ahiri said...

This rat race
This farce
That peace

Shirsha said...

My last attempt at finishing the Blackmailer...

Pointed my gun
Holding it steady
As is possible
With my nerves

Wanting to catch
The old man
On his temple
Instead I hit

An ugly grey
Dirty old Pigeon
On the branch
Above his head

The pigeon fell
By his feet
At once he
Pulled out his

Camera to click
This ugly pic
And I kicked
My sorry self

ammani said...

Recipe for Pigeon Pie.

Step 1. Get sling shot.
Step 2. Find pigeon
Step 3. Make pie

D LordLabak said...

You can one of those "Bob books" for kids.:-)

Ree said...

This is the End
My Dear Friend

Unknown said...

Help... get the ambulance...Am due any minute...

jj said...

The end of flutter and the flights...
The end of soaring in the skies...
This is the end :)

The Kid said...

If thou didst ever hold me in thy heart,
Absent thee from felicity awhile,
And in this harsh world draw thy breath in pain,
To tell my story.