Sunday, July 01, 2007


Yet another new series! Here's how this one works. I ask a question and you write in with your honest answer. And we make a collection of it. May be even move it to its own blog. Okay, here goes.

1. When do you go, 'How many times have I told him/her? When will this man/woman ever learn?'


Anonymous said...

all the time! i've taken nagging to a new level.

Anonymous said...

when the washed knickers gets left on the corner of bath tub,conveniently forgotten to be dried in the clothes line!!
....and sadly many more...sigh!

Anonymous said...

These thoughts haven't gone through her mind for a long time now, wonder how long this phase of remembering everything she says will last

Anonymous said...

She says:

not to leave the warddrobe open after taking the clothes out?

Not to leave used towels on the bed?
He says:

Not to yaaaaaaaaawn without covering your mouth?

Not to keep all the clocks, watches, mobile clocks @ home 10 min fast, all the time?

D LordLabak said...

kalthoon, I say that to my friend all the time (inwardly thought) ;-) Ammani, you know who "friend" is right?

Itchingtowrite said...

-not to leave the charger wire trailing down with the switch on - where the kids cud find it
- not to leave shoes out side the closed shoe rack
- not to leave wet towel on the bed
- not to leave stuff on the dining table but to keep it in place
- not to leave newspapers on teh sofa after rading but in teh rack

i cud go on and on

Shammi said...

My brother (whenever he's available) - forever telling him not to leave his phone/glasses etc just anywhere!