Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Virtual Coffee Mornings - Contest 1

Teddy No Name

Meet Teddy. He has two eyes, two large ears, a few paint stains, some dirt from being played roughly with. But no name. And he is looking to you to suggest one. The sillier the better. This contest will be open for one day only. So send your entry straightaway by posting it in the comment box. The best one will be chosen by Jikku, the boy and announced on this blog. Now, can you really resist that?

To participate, all you need to do is place a coffee mug (preferably clean) next to your computer. And once you have entered a contest, drop some small change into it. At the end of the week, collect the coins (hopefully some notes too) and send them to LAFTI in India. Here are their bank details.

Name of the Bank : Federal Bank

Address : Thanjavur, Tamilnadu, India

Swift Code : FDRL – INBB – IBD

To the Credit of Krishnammal Jagannathan

AccountNumber : SB 5559

This is the first in the series of contests I will be hosting to raise funds for LAFTI. The organisation will help women buy seeds so they may cultivate their lands within the next 10 days.


The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

Kadalai. (I am using a tumbler and will vehemently oppose the choosing of names sych as Fluffy and Cottontail)

rebel said...

I too am all for Indian names. Bujji!

PRK said...

how about kutti ma ?
or kutlu?

Silly Sally said...

(as in Pattu + Kutti)... :-)

or Chinniputtu!!!

Anonymous said...

How about Mooonu?

Anonymous said...

How about kalthoon tilakji, i mean i can see a 'gaandha' sakthi in teddy's eyes... and kalthoon's name is synonymous with powerful eyes.

So my vote is for KALTHOON TILAKJI (daai chinnu, chitti-a kai-vittudada.. select kalthoon okay?)
ps : chinnu, unnakku red ferrari toy car vaangi vechurukken

Blogeswari said...

I third ramblings of a shoe fiend and rebel. It should be

1. Rahul (very hi-fi, up market, Indian)
2.Palla kura Pulla kura (very pan indian)
3.Vadivelu (very country indian)

Meera Sriram said...


I dedicate the first set of suggestions to my daughter as I am borrowing her patented nomenclature.

1. Balu (if the teddy's owner enjoys Jungle book, equivalent of shanthi that she has for her braided doll)
2. aaloo (fits better than our 2 dolls named chole (as in the channa dish) and beans curry - 2 of her favs)

My own unimaginative picks (while I hear the tinkle of coins hitting the bottom of my cup) would be Neel and Motu (both for obvious reasons).

LightRain said...

I rather think Teddy might be a rabbit more than a bear. But anyway, a rose by another name is just as sweet :) I suggest the name 'Gambaloo Gambatgi'. I used to call a rat by this name when I was 3. (Dont ask me why!!). Another name I can think of is Hariprasad (loved the name Sridevi gives her pet pup in 'Sadma')

Anonymous said...

if teddy is a boy...then it is "chubramaniii"...same as lightrain, by tamil version, sridevi's pup in moondram pirai.

if it's her "aandal"

Swetha said...

As lightrain suggests, it looks more like a rabbit. My choices would be


Silly Sally said...

Sorry for suggesting yet again!
But this name just struck me this morning when I was driving to my office...


V said...

oooda bear!