Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Marathon Mummy

"...giving birth was tougher than a marathon", says this year's New York marathon winner Paula Radcliffe. We agree!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link.
Does this mean that I (who have given birth) might actually be able to run a marathon??
It's nice to dream, isn't it?
Love your blog, it's like opening a gem-filled treasure chest.

Anonymous said...


You are commenting to someone who ran and COMPLETED the London Marathon within a year of giving birth!i see you are relatively new to this blog.
Ammani if i can take the liberty to say it....ok i've said it!!

Like they say"Impossible is Nothing"

Anonymous said...

Wow, I had NO idea! I was just being facetious. Sorry. Ammani, that is a terrific achievement, particularly since I remember I was such a wreck for quite a while after I had my kids. Impossible is Nothing, indeed!
Yes, I am quite a newcomer here, have to keep digging to catch up, I guess.