Monday, February 25, 2008


I rarely do tags. But there's a reason for taking up Sur's tag. As you'll soon discover.

A -Available?
For what though?

B-Best friend:
What? Just one?

C-Cake or Pie?

D-Drink of choice:
8 glasses a day. Not counting tea or coffee.

E-Essential thing used everyday:
Can't think of one. Which means it's not really essential, is it?

F-Favourite colour:
Earth tones. Hardly any blues in my wardrobe, coming to think of it.

G-Gummi bears or worms:
Neither. Ever since I discovered that it has gelatin, I've gone off the chewy stuff.

'How many roads have I wandered?
None and each my own.

Behind me the bridges have crumbled.
Where then will I call my home?'

(from a song, obviously!)

Not nearly enough.

J-January or February:

K-Kids and names:

is fun

M-Marriage date:
Today! No, really! 25 Feb(Aha! Now you know the reason)

N-Number of siblings:
Two. One of them's over there on the sidebar. The other, older sibling sensibly refrains from blogging. Though his wife does leave the occasional comment.

O-Oranges or apples:

Jumping off heights.

Something I read yesterday which I liked. It's by some actor called Ben Miller. He says 'Watching my wife give birth has taught me that pain is all relative. She was having contractions without pain relief. She gripped my hand and I honestly thought she was going to crush my knuckles into fine dust. I wanted to say, 'You're really hurting me' but felt it was inappropriate.'

R-Reason to smile:


T-Tag three people:
You, you and you over there!

U-Unknown fact about me:
I wear a size 6 shoe. But sometimes a size 5 1/2 will do too. But never 5

V-Vegetable you do not like:

W-Worst habit:
Irritability, impatience, easily bored

X-Xrays you have had:
Can't recall

Y-Your favorite food:
Anything, really. But milagu kuzhambu is high up there (you can tell, I'm getting bored now)



Blogeswari said...

Happy Anniversary!

Sindhu said...

Hey..happy wedding anniversary:)

SUR NOTES said...

hey happy wedding anniversary!

and thanks for doing the tag... decided to get a wee bit curious about blogging pals!

Premalatha said...

Happy Anniversary

Space Bar said...

belated happy anniv, A.

peppeprof said...

How many roads have I wandered?
None and each my own.
Behind me the bridges have crumbled.
Where then will I call my home?

Oh! I heard this song in The Namesake (Mira Nair). So intriguing... Who is singing it?

peppeprof said...

all right, found out: Susheela Raman

Anyway... Happy Anniversary