Thursday, May 22, 2008

A quick tale 209

This product and others like this one

This product was not tested on animals, read the label on the face cream she was holding. She felt good just holding it. Good holding the box that held the cream that was not tested on animals. Though she didn’t know how animals would look with face cream on them. Probably no different to how they looked without face cream. Fewer wrinkles, may be. But then, you would have to get real close to see that the difference. And you wouldn’t want to do that to an orang-utan. Or a rhinoceros. And definitely not a giraffe. As giraffes are reputed to suffer from real bad halitosis. Though that remains to be confirmed. And will remain a rumour as long as no one ever gets close enough to smell its breath. And if they did they may also notice that the giraffe has fewer lines around the eye. In which case it would be safe to conclude that the giraffe has had a couple of smears of face cream tested on it. Which may be good news for the face cream as it then proves that the cream works. But bad news for the giraffe which may not have a say in the brand it prefers. But that is only for animal rights activists to comment upon. And not for ordinary consumers like herself who simply had a few minutes to spare during a Thursday lunchtime and chose to saunter into a shop flogging face cream that had not been tested on animals.


Anonymous said...

witty ...

and Yes I have felt very jealous of the shiny skin of animals, - the shimmering beauty ...
and now a days this darn silver lining on my favorite milk sweets, gives me scary thoughts of cow skins, ... I have no clue how they are connected, but many talk about how these shiny sweet covers are made plastered over cow skin :( ... but dont ask me if I am not guilty of stealing the calves milk - I dont know! Milk sweets are too damn tempting and all blood supply is going to tummy and tongue and none to regions that can think and feel :)

SUR NOTES said...

nice nice. the post, not thinking about the face cream.

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Priya Iyer said...

hi ammani!

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Myth Maker said...

I have read some where, Ohh yess in Gulliver's Travels, Human Being is the MOST bad looking Creature for Animal Eye, Since we are hairless animals,...Like a worm. ha ha

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