Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lost in Post

To a son who is on his first trip alone

Can one die of pride? I don't know. But your father and I came pretty close to that when we waved you goodbye at the airport a few days ago. You were a right trooper with a little canvas bag of documents around your shoulder and a bright green cap on your head. You cheerfully waved us goodbye, clutched your grandfather's hand and led him through the security check-ins. Leaving your poor parents to blink away our tears.

I understand that you are having a wonderful time back in India. Did you see the pictures that hang on the walls of your grandfather's house? Did you recognise the young girl that your mother once was? Did you visit all the places of my youth? I wish I was there with you to share some of your experiences. But I'm glad we found the courage to let you go on your own.

In just over a week's time, you will be back with us. This time you will have traveled across the world by yourself. I don't know of many 5-year olds who would have done that and still not make a big deal of it. And that just makes me feel proud. Dead proud.


Unknown said...

I cried!!!

umm oviya said...

great A. Hats off to S. They are so stoic about it isn't it. Last year, I sent my 5 year old off alone, and sobbed and sobbed at the airport, and embarassed her. Good that you behaved in a far more dignified manner.

B o o said...

It does nt take much to bring tears to my eyes these days but awww..., hes such a sweetie! On the other hand, I cant wait for my 3 year old to become a little older! ;)

Anonymous said...

I remember how awful I felt when I sent the lad off to boarding school, the post made me cry Ammani. One more week x

Blogeswari said...

I can't wait to meet my chinnu kutty tonight.
He is already going around telling everyone including Justice B "You know my B chitti? she's coming!"


Anonymous said...

What a brave little man. Lost in admiration. I think at that age I would have howled and hung on to the mother's legs.

SUR NOTES said...

oh oh, now i have to prepare for this as well? i blubbered when i left her at the school gate for the first time.

a pat on the head to yur brave little boy. and the brave parents.

Jam said...

I dunno about dying with pride, but one sure can burst with pride at what your son has done.

Travelling halfway across the world, to a bygone era, to see his mom in those old pix, and to try and relive her memories is stuff movies are made of.

I feel proud of you and your son Ammani. Although some part of me wishes you were there with him to walk him through some of those sights and sounds.


Anonymous said...






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