Friday, January 30, 2009

A quick tale 224

Gap year in Congo

Oh, the ideas she had once upon a time! No TV till the child’s 10. Only organic food for life. Libraries not play stations. Reusable nappies. Baby Mozart on Wednesdays and Toddler yoga on Fridays. No Barbies and certainly no guns as toys. Fluent in three languages by the fifth birthday. No birthday parties with clowns. Private education with extra lessons for Maths and Science. Gap year in Congo. And so forth.

Today she stands in the toy store watching her daughter rolling on the floor. Kicking the display shelves, pulling her hair out and retching violently. All because her demand for a toy was turned down. Chee, chee, her mother disapproves rather loudly to no one in particular, what kind of a mother would let her daughter behave like this in public. She swings her handbag on her shoulder and struts out of the store purposefully. She turns a corner and waits for her child to emerge.


~nm said...


You have to learn to be more stubborn and more untouched by the surroundings than your kids to win the game :D

Anonymous said...

LOL. I had such great plans too before I was a parent, now I pretend that he is not related to me (I am sure the feeling is mutual). Few more years, WA few more years

Unknown said...

Oh great. so they lied. things DO NOT get better.