Wednesday, April 22, 2009

25 Random things about me

It's one of those tags that never came my way. Still, here goes.

1. My name has always been no.1 in the school attendance register.
2. My name is usually the first on mobile phones. And I get a lot of calls from kids who happen to be playing with the mobile. Usually at 3 in the morning.
3. I share my birthday with my father.
4. I rarely wear anything blue.
5. I ran the London Marathon five years ago.
6. I get annoyed when people say they ran the Mumbai Marathon but omit to add that they ran the half-marathon distance.
7. Recently, I was surprised to learn that I am a shoe size bigger than I'd previously thought.
8. I have two sons. Both of them are boys.
9. I once auditioned for Countdown on Channel 4.
10. Routines tire me.
11. I had never ironed a shirt until I came to the UK.
12. I dreamt of my firstborn's name.
13. I am terribly ambitious.
14. Some days, for no apparent reason, I get a big buzz just waking up in the morning and then want to go climb Everest before breakfast.
15. I crib every single day about cooking.
16. If I could make one thing disappear from this world, it would be cooking.
17. I am a very slow reader.
18. I'm good with cryptic crosswords and positively brilliant with jumbled words.
19. I have two other names - Meenakshi and Rama.
20. I am very undecided when it comes to religion.
21. I absolutely hate travelling by bus in India.
22. I envy anyone who studied beyond the basic graduation. I never did.
23. I have worn my hair short for the best part of the last 20 years.
24. I have dimples on either cheek (on the face, since you ask).
25. If you gave me maa-ladoo, I will be your slave for life.

If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged.


Maddy said...

Item 8 is class

Shammi said...

No 8: Two sons, both boys? :) Well, thank goodness for that! :D

No 17: Really?

P.R.Gayathri said...

no. 2 sorry .... One among the them.....

no. 12 I still remember the name that you dreamt.

no. 17 G says it is not so ...

Preeti Aghalayam aka kbpm said...

about 6. on the other hand i am tired of correcting people who say 'you run marathons right?' by saying 'well only half of them at a time' :-) (but I do know what you mean, nevertheless)

A said...

HAHAHA! # 8!

SoulSpace said...

I think you think brilliantly!!

varali said...

Maa-laadus are totally worth becoming someone's slave for!

Everything Random said...

A friend me this mail, happy that someoneone made efforts to decipher me (which I project is rocket science) and doomed me later by sending this link adding "26. I use the word random at least 25 times in a day".

An avid reader of daily forecast, I think its about time I start believing there are only 12 types of personalities or is it 10?

nkrohini said...

Nicely tagged!

Revati.Nidhi said...

No. 8 reminds me of when people used to ask, "Please sing a Tyagaraja kriti that you wrote".

anandh thangavelsamy said...

eppadi.. yosikkerengalow...
how??? kuppura paduthu illa mallakka paduthaaa.. would you be thinking like that