Monday, July 06, 2009

Down Strange Paths by that White-Rabbit Curiousity

While browsing through the weekend's bulk of newspaper, I chanced upon a column by Nick Laird (otherwise known as Mr. Zadie Smith) where he talks about the gangrenous growth of facebook and twitter and how it has eaten into our abilities to concentrate on one thing and one thing alone.

Here is the link to the article. With that I take a breather. I'm off to India for the summer and I will see you sometime soon. And yes, results for the 'Letter to your teen self' contest coming up soon.

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Unknown said...

Brilliant poetry at the end! Tx for the link to article!

India for summer.....
Bombay halwa house, Gani cut piece, millions & millions and the intoxicating whiff of amrutanjan at the gates of Nageswar Rao park.