Wednesday, December 02, 2009

A Thankful Challenge

Thank you everyone for your show of hands. Here's what I propose to do.

I am running 8 miles this Saturday in an off-road challenge. Details of which may be found here. If you are in the neighbourhood, please do come and say hello.

Now, here's your challenge.

Write about someone you are really thankful for for their presence in your life. Post your story in your blog and drop me a line. The 8 winning stories will get a mile dedicated to them on Saturday. I will take a photo at every mile and post it later on this blog.

While we're on the subject, thank you for reading my blog.

Deadline: Friday evening 10 pm GMT

p.s. No, I haven't forgotten results of the earlier letter writing contest. Actually, I have. Results soon!


Suchi said...

Hey Ammani,

here's my contribution:

Thaanks for the prompt!

Sweet Kandy said...
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SUR NOTES said...

All the best!

Sweet Kandy said...

I think past entries count :)
Here is one:
and the translation:

And this may be comes close to the theme though does not exactly fit in . It is not a person but a game :)

MiM said...

dude. this is way too tough.
and your running contest sounds like a horror movie

how bout a contest that automatically declares the entrant from malaysia as winner?

yess. i will be thankful.

Bhuvaneshwar said...

This is a monologue - the speaker a baby girl - on the verge of being killed in the name of female infanticide........ in honour of my loving mum and sister! Not exactly a narrative story...... the story is there for all that wanna see that! :)
The link is as follows.......

The Print Lover said...

Barely made it on time.. Check out

Good luck for the run!

Sunny said...

hey ammani!

here's my contribution:

hope u like it :)

aa said...