Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Clerihew - A Competition

A Clerihew is a whimsical biographical 4-line poem. Its rhyme structure is AABB and is often quite contrived. Like this one made up by the eponymous Mr Clerihew Himself.

Sir Christopher Wren
Said, "I am going to dine with some men.
If anyone calls
Say I am designing St. Paul's."

And here's one I made up earlier.

If Anna Hazare were a cook
Who wrote a recipe book,
It would be empty for pages
And suggest you fast for ages.

So that's your challenge. Come up with a Clerihew about anyone you please. And post your entry in the comment box. I'll give it a couple of weeks and then announce a winner. Off you go!


Anonymous said...

i wish i were a maharani
but i am just plain ms vani
ms word always corrects my name to vain
and that describes me right as rain

ps: welcome back ammani. this was fun :)

Anonymous said...

Shri Manmohan Singh
Turban to Race Course did bring
But the beard on his face south
Seem to gag his mouth

Pre-coffee try... sorry ;)

Mala said...

Mala is my name
If u dont know me, its a shame
my middle name is cool
and if u think am boasting, u r a fool.. :P:)

Sunita Srinivasan said...

my name is Sunita
owe this name to a neta
makes me red when people add an h
but its not nice to alwayz make a swipe
when people misspell a name that means polite

Shammi said...

My name is Bindu
And I cannot speak Hindu.
But if my name was Bindi
I still couldn’t speak Hindi.

Anonymous said...

Clerihew? You want my life story?
Sugar, spice and not much gory.
Some do call it rather bland,
That's 'cos I live in the land of dust and sand.

Mala said...

In life, there is lots to do and places to reach
But all I do is only preach
If only I could pull up my socks
and prove to myself that life really rocks :)

Madhuri Kumar said...

Liar Liar Lipstick,
Born on a broomstick.

Broomstick broke,
Liar got a poke!

Mala said...

Ex President Bill Clinton
Is now long forgotten
All coz of Monica Lewinsky
who one day I guess had too much whisky ;)

Sangeeta said...

He wasn't single
But wanted to mingle
So he caught on to Jingle
Just to make her tingle!

Anonymous said...

You all only autobiography aa? Me too :p

There’s this woman called Inbavalli
Whose name just about rhymes with palli
Merrily she eats, happily she reads
There’s little else to the life she leads

Anonymous said...

There’s one Mr. Fate
Quite my pal and mate
With a decent diet I was slim
Now that I’m fat, it’s HIM

Chenthil said...

Chidambaram's been to Harvard,
He always put his best foot forward
But the spectrum wars scarred him
now his light burns dim.

Chenthil said...

Digvijaya singh says in sentences always long,
"Right is wrong"
Years of blustering has made him uncouth,
for his foot is always in his mouth.

Chenthil said...

Modi can bluster and bluff
With balls so tough,
Is he good or bad, the jury is still out,
Now you decide whether it is Narendra or Lalit I am talking about.

Inji said...

Yo my name is Barack Obama
My father's black but I have a white momma
My campaign slogan was "Yes, we can!"
After I became president I wimped out and ran

Anonymous said...

En peru umma
Naan eppovame irukka maaten summa
Should I have written this in Ingilipees?
Ech-oos me please ;)

anumohan said...

Ammani is a blogger
A rare woman slogger
I write this hiding under a wig
Lest she calls me a Male Chauvinist Pig