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Life On An Eversilver Plate

Friday, December 07, 2012

Tide - 20

Part - 20

“Padma, you know the doctor you told me about? Dr. Velmurgan or something”

“You know very well what his name is, Kamakshi”

“I mean, Dr. Saktivel”

“Yes, what about him?”

“You know the knee pain I have been telling you about? It seems to have worsened this last week. Look, I can barely get to the door without wincing”

“You were absolutely fine till last night when we went walking around the block”

“It has gotten worse overnight, Padma, really. Why would I lie to you?”

“Yes, why would you lie to me?”

“So, will you take me to meet this Dr. Saktivel tomorrow? Before 9 am or after 11 am, preferably. It is Amavasai, auspicious day”

“He is a peadiatrician, Kamakshi”

“Oh, that's okay. He's still a doctor. Shall we go then?”


“Hello, Padma? It's only me, Kamakshi. Do you remember Jayalakshmi from D block, ground floor? Yes, the fat one with glasses. Yes, the same one whose daughter eloped with her tuition master. You know her, don't you? It seems her grandson has had persistent cough and cold for more than a month now. I told her that I know one of the best peadiatricians in the country. Do you think you can give me Dr. Saktivel's number so I can pass it on to her? No? Why not? No, no, you cannot give it to her yourself. Jaya is...Jaya is...sort of not in the country at the moment. She's gone to America to visit her son. Yes, she called me from America this morning and asked me for a paediatrician...hello? Padma? Padma? Can you hear me? Che! These telephone lines can't withstand even a tiny bit of rain. Wait, let me come around and knock on your door.”



AKM said...

Thank God for a (semi) comic track. Was getting a bit too emoshunal.

Anonymous said...

Glad you continued the story...I am catching up and enjoying it :)

P.S.: Not sure whether P"a"ediatrician was intended that way!