Monday, June 04, 2018

German, Down, Down!

Venus and Amor
by Reinhold Begas
I am officially giving up on German. It's just too hard a language for me to get my grasp around. It is not intuitive in the same way as French was for me and after trying really hard for almost two years, I think it is prudent to surrender (aufgeben). Now, how do they expect any sane, self-respecting individual to hold in their heads a language with such an utterly incomprehensible set of grammatical rules that it makes groping in the dark in a maze while blind-folded a more sensible option.

Before you wag your finger at me and tell me that I should try harder or put in more effort before I dismiss a language that after all, millions speak and is the national language in all of three countries, let me tell you this. I have passed my B1 in the language with rather high scores and this putting-my-hands-up-in-abject-surrender has been arrived at after multiple and persistent attempts at deciphering the logic behind its grammar and trying to decode a pattern in its rules. But it has eluded me, time and again and therefore with the glee of someone who has managed to free themselves of a yoke around their neck, I hereby announce that I am renouncing all further attempts at understanding and learning German language. I am going to seek solace in Google translate and resort to semaphore wherever necessary.

Auf wiedersehen, Deutsch! Ich werde dich nie vermissen. 

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