Thursday, July 26, 2018

Life On An Eversilver Plate

I feel a bit of a fraud, actually. It is not as if I was commissioned by someone to write a book or slaved endless hours in front of a typewriter and bled words. It was nothing as exotic as that. It was something rather more prosaic. My brother-in-law self-published a book and introduced me to the company that published it for him. You must give them a try, he insisted and I succumbed only too eagerly. I wrote some words, signed a cheque and a contract with the company and pressed send. That's it.

They proofed it, laid it out and with a few suggestions from me, designed a cover and published it.  And so here it is, my first ever printed book (a fraud, a charlatan, a fake, I hear the voice in my head say and it rings louder with each passing second). But here it is, irrevocable as the day.

It started here, on this blog and look where it has lead to. If you are reading this post, know for sure that you had a role to play in it. Thank you!

(look, they even made a fancy video for it)

Here are some links to where it can be purchased:

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?! said...


Sure to be a good read.Looking forward.

Premalatha said...

Wow. Congratulations. Must buy and read it.

Are you on any other social media? Or are you sticking to not returning back that kind of thing?

Hope everything is going well. P.

ammani said...

Hello ?!, thank you for your response. I hope it does not disappoint.

Hello Premalatha, please let me know what you thought of it. It will be invaluable.

ranjani.sathish said...

Hi Abirami
I am a long time follower of your blog..keep checking on and off. So when I saw this book, I knew I had to buy since I love your honest writing. Got the book and finished reading it too !! I loved it ...all the family anecdotes, the food and their stories, the Madras of the 80s. Transported me back to my own childhood, as I could relate to a lot of things. Felt so nostalgic that I made "Mor Kali" after reading your book and I don't know which I savoured more...the food or my childhood memory associated with it :-)). Keep more books coming please.