Monday, July 18, 2005

A quick tale 49

Loo story

She hated going on buses. Where there were no toilets and she would have to sit tight until her destination. She envied the way men relieved themselves in any corner. Not caring for what people thought. Not bothering to hide as they went about their business. How could women act like we never visited a toilet before, she wondered. For, not once did she see a woman get out of the bus to take a leak. On one particular journey however, the pressure on her bladder grew so bad that she went blue in the face. She asked the driver to stop and hurried behind the bushes. And everyone complained that she was delaying the journey.


Anonymous said...

Such complaints come up even when a man stops the bus midway. Anyways, there is a general perception that men are intolerant, while women are more tolerant.

D Govardan

TJ said...

And then, she served as the bold progressive role model for all the women on the bus, and the bus reached the destination an hour late.
Lots of learnings.
1. Procrastination is the thief of time.
2. Importance of parallel processing
3. Use any available opportunities, even if you dont really need them.

Chitra said...

lack of public toilets and men are an interesting combination in India. Sigh!

LOLling at tj's response!

సतीsh said...
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Jinguchakka said...

Rage personified! Not just this post. Your entire blog. Rivetting reading, though!

సतीsh said...

I suppose I type faster than I think. :)

I hadn't noticed your AdSense ticker.

Anonymous said...

Go Go Go, looking fwd to your half-century,,,,QT50.


sumandatta said...

in fact this was the first thng tht "mtv youth icon" shahrukh khan said he wud like to do for india if he had the power- public toilets for women.

so u hav got an ally!

(Mis)Chief Editor said...

அன்புள்ள அம்மனி அவர்களுக்கு,

ஏதோ சொல்ல வர்றீங்கன்னு புரியுது.....
ஆனா, என்னன்னு எனக்கு புரியலையே!

அம்பதடிக்க இன்னும் ஒண்ணே ஒண்ணு..!
வாழ்க வளமுடன் +

என்றும் அன்புடன்,

Lavanya said...

Long-distance busses can be provided with toilets.

Anonymous said...

Nice one :-)

nibujohn said...

if you are enraged, you have every right to. but the funny thing is that we just get angry and when the time comes to react, we just shrug our shoulders and lets go.
great post ammani, and from you we expect nothing less.

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...


Highly inspired by your quick tales, i have published my first one here

Do leave your valubale comments and suggestions on it

RT said...

My first time here and I have nothing different to say than the rest of the others here.
Will come back for more of the short tales full of profundity.

Anonymous said...

Just an irrelevant rejoinder - A famous Marketing consultant once said if there were more public toilets in India the soft drink sales will shoot up

sai thilak said...

as usual , good one !

Ganesh said...

asual nice one.
Wonder how you can churnout kathai just like that, and comments of your readers are also interesting.

BTW ammani, I have tried audio blogging check it out


Subramaniam Avinash said...

not connected with this post but connected to a conversation or two we have had:

Anonymous said...

ahaaa... i travel in the Mumbai trains almost everyday and it takes me atleast 1.5 hrs to travel one way to work... The toilets in the stations are in a pathetic state... and no one seems to care ..

.. the only solution is not to drink water for 5 full hours.. an hr before travel..vera enna seyya

sagikamudiyalapppaaa. sagikkamudiyalappaaa..

Anonymous said...

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Apocalypse said...

Even a man would have attracted complaints!

Abt women's hesitation/inability to "relieve" themselves wherever they want...natural constraints - aint it? what can anyone do abt that?!

tris said...

C.S.Lakshmi, 'Ambai'?

Dawn said...

Just..came across this one ..:)

good tales..

keep it up

tris said...

so how come you never comment on the comments?

nourish-n-cherish said...

Wow! I identified TOTALLY with this one! Good job!