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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A personal request

My friend Anouradha Bakshi writes...

Project Why is in the s**** house as we really have no funds beyond this month.http://herewego.wikispaces.org/whyOnerupee

The above explains why.. and more whys.The thing is that till date we have been working on oxygen that yours truly keep bringing, now we need lungs, and the major one is the one rupee.

My friend Sophie, a volunteer and lovely lady, said it would need 4 people to get 3 and 3 only 6 times. Now I hate chain letters and pyramid marketing but can you think of a way to put this across.

Let me confess something, I am not a great believer and yet I believe and the last few days I have been seeking help from the invisible forces.. now maybe you are just one of them!

The thing is that if I do not get the act together, many will lose their hope in life. Now, we normally pour scorn on chain letters too, and have physically removed a pyramid marketer from the premises once upon a when. But we do believe in invisible forces.


Please visit Projectwhy to find out how you can donate. Surely we can spare one rupee a day. Thank you.


project why said...

thank you...
though it may seem almost infradig to give one rupee, five years of experience have proved to us at pwhy that large amounts are not only given once.. but lull us in a comfort zone till we reach ground zero... we need a funding option that:
1. keeps us on our toes
2. opens the world to us
3. and is as alive and real as project why is!
so pls do spare that one rupee... and if you feel it is infra-dig you can give many one rupees in the names of those you love

Anonymous said...

He tossed the paper aside. 'Taxation, gentlemen, is very much like dairy farming. The task is to extract the maximum amount of milk with the minimum of moo. And I am afraid to say that these days all I get is moo.'

(Terry Pratchett - Jingo)

T said...

Donated $50. Done my part for the time being.

Anonymous said...

How do I contribute the 1 rupee ? I mean how do I pass on the news to my friends so that they will be able to contribute too ? Am sure this 1 rupee is a very good idea !

thodarumm said...

Thank you for everything. Your site is wonderful, your writing is excellent and most of all I am glad I found out about Project Why. I will donate online and tell a few of my friends. I hope the small fire that starts spreads and the program can continue to make progress.