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Friday, September 16, 2005

A quick tale 69

When you had guests over for dinner

It is a familiar dance. You will offer some more. They will say they have had enough. No, no, you will insist, do have some more. Oh, but I’m stuffed already, they will plead. Why? Was it not to your liking? you will query faking anxiety. It was delicious really, they will answer to appease. But you ate so little, you will say in mock anger. I had three helpings, they will cry. Then another spoonful at least, you will add. And they will oblige.

Except last night. When they said no the first time. You didn’t ply them with more food. And they went home a little hungry.


monu said...

probably, thats y my grandpa said,
"para annam - prana sangadam!"

roughly translated as, food at other's is the pain of lifetime!

oops, sorry about that bad translation!

Sneha Acharya said...

oops good thots u por as stories from daily happenings ... They r jus WOW :-)

prash said...

what can i say, ammani - it just gets better every day!
simple terse observations.
and they all ring eerily true and familiar.

Chenthil said...

Yesterday wasn't like that for me:-)

Priyamvada_K said...

I'm one of a minority in des - the direct kind who doesn't believe in dances like these :). If I want more, I politely ask. But no means no. And many a time people never understood this - so I resorted to leaving untouched what they served, after politely eating a morsel.

Which brings me to LL's blog on the subject:


Struck quite a chord.


Balaji said...

absolutely loved this one. mirrored what happens when we have guests home...

Satya said...

Nuggets of LIFE! wonderful union of indian sensibilities and western wit & insight. Ammani, amazing!

Lost in trance... said...

they went home a li'l hungry...which means u really dont care huh