Monday, September 19, 2005

A quick tale 70

Sometime soon

A man who has your name is walking down the parking lot towards his car. He even looks like you and shares your taste in music and women. But he drives a burgundy Ford fiesta which I know is different from what’s sitting in your garage. As he gets into his car your namesake is thinking about his unborn child, tax returns which are due to be filed and England winning the Ashes. What he does not know is that he has just won a hundred dollars in a raffle drawn in a country several seas away. He will find out later that day and let out a whoop which will bring his 7-months pregnant wife from the kitchen to enquire. But for now he is waiting in the queue for the cars in front of him to move and drumming his fingers on the wheel.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't get the theme of this quick tale. Is it 'deja vu' or 'creative escapism'?

Anonymous said...

To Ramnararyan:

Shammi said...

Couldnt it have been a woman living in Shrewsbury who won the $100? :)

Anonymous said...

why did the guy have to be so generous...a bit like "Tale of Two cities"