Sunday, September 18, 2005

Two to tango

The wonderful Ideamani has come up with a fantastic fundraising idea. Over to him for the details.
Ladies and Gentlemen, give it up for "Two to Tango"- A ProjectWhy Fundraiser! You will be given a ticket for every $2 (Rs.90) you pay and you enter into a raffle.The winner will win a prize of a 100 (or Rs.4,500) dollar gift certificate.SO come join us in this wonderful event! Win for a good cause!
Register and with as little as $2 from your pocket, you make a difference in someone's life! Your registration in this raffle will buy a complete meal for a child for a week in India! I urge you all to help me in this conquest of ours and donate generously to this cause, this IS the time when you can make a difference! All the registration fees can be sent here: Kindly mention your full names and email ids in the additional notes section when you complete transaction in paypal. You will then receive your random lucky draw number via email. Additional donations can also be directed to the same paypal account.Please help us help those less fortunate.
Please encourage your friends to participate and I would really appreciate if you could mention it in your blog. Thank you.

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Ideamani said...

Just an update - We have collected $547 as on Sep 19th !! Lets keep the momentum going, guys !