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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A quick tale 126


He came at me from behind, taking me by surprise. And before I knew it, he had grabbed my bag and run away with it.

Some days later...

I was scared out of my wits. He brandished a knife and threatened to attack me if I didn't hand over my bag.
Poor you.
It was either my life or the bag.
No choice.
Obviously. I tamely handed over my bag.

In a few weeks...

He had a menacing look about him. I should've been more watchful.
Was he a big man?
Built like a weight-lifter. With bulging arms and all. I was no match.
And he threatened to knife you.
I'm sure he'd have ripped me to pieces if I hadn't handed over my bag.

The following month...

He was giant. An armed giant. He had a revolver and a knife.
Oh my god!
Look at this scar on my neck.
He held the knife to my neck and laughed like a maniac. It's still ringing in my ears.
What did you do?
What would anyone do? I gave up my bag to save my life.

In a couple of decades...

I can still remember those weeks when I was held hostage.
Yes, by a group of disgustingly vile terrorists.
No way!
They tortured me. In the most shocking ways.
I'm at a loss for words.
Scarring me beyond recognition.
All because...
All because I didn't hand over my hand bag when threatened.


Bubby said...

nalla irukkumma.. sonda kadhaya?

Saranya Kishore said...

Nice one :--)
Reminded me of Ross getting mugged by Phoebe in Friends

Anonymous said...

How can you do it??..An that too everytime....I am a quicktale maniac now..And a beautiful title!

Deepa said...

lol...bubby. Ammani porutthadhu podhum pongi ezhu;-)

Anonymous said...

this is awesome .. wonder why did that fool compare you with that nitwit recursive hypocrisy ? this short sweet take shows class (not crass like hypocrisy's venture on finding the chewing gum)

apu said...

Hmm this is one of your few tales that I didnt really like. Hard to put my finger on it though, why. Maybe the end seemed a bit too exaggerated...otherwise your stories are often just that slight bit unbelievable, to be believable enough :)

Amrita said...

it is really wonderful how u weave those tales one by one..

Deepti said...

The powers of exaggeration are awesomely expressed!!! :) :)

Mahadevan said...

A street corner thief is a miniature terrorist and the terrorist - blown up street corner thief seems to be the logical undertone.