Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A quick tale 127


Last Tuesday, as she was getting ready for work, a thought occured to her. She wondered if anyone would notice if she did not wear mascara that day. She stood there in front of her mirror wondering. Would the world stop spinning if she didn't lengthen her eyelashes? Would birds stop cooing if they were not 25% Extra Volumised? Would the Middle East peace process grind to a halt because she did not apply Waterproof Superlash? And closer home, would she be skinnier, richer, sexier and acne-free if the tiny strands of hair sticking out from her eyelids weren't curled up flirtatiously? She knew the answer. But paused to consider the gravity of her discovery. And then slowly, she unscrewed the little cylinder in front of her, eased out the brush and started running its tiny bristles along her eyelashes.


Casement said...

Women, I tell you!!!

Amrita said... what happened finally?

Lost in trance... said...

two different things. getting mixed up?

Anonymous said...

you said it ! but this is self discovery .. try telling this to a woman, now lets get talking !