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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ready, Steady, Charity!

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Do you remember this?

This Deepavali we're doing it again.

Only this time, I've got two wonderfully talented women to help with the task. Neha and Shoefiend have kindly volunteered to write around the words you suggest.

So email me 3 random words at ammania@ gmail.com. And we will come up with tales, prose, poetry, advertising copy, recipes...something delightfully silly (or at least plain silly) using those three words. And then you could make a small donation (no amount is too small!) to Projectwhy.

Go on, challenge us!

Please note: You send the donation directly to Projectwhy via paypal/money order or any other preferred method. Not through us. Not through anyone else.


rsubras said...

coming here from Ferrari's site :)

btw ungalala eppadi Sep 30 post innike poda mudinjathu?? do u have a time machine or what ;)

Jade said...

Maybe it was Inzamam. :)

Hiren said...

Interesting. Wish I had such a talent. I can write articles and poems not stories

Ravi said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
oskar lewis said...

i posted some links to poems and hindi music, try it

Deepa said...

Ammani, you've been tagged. Naandhan pannen.

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