Thursday, June 21, 2007

Absurbia 2

A story in 3 acts

At first,
Dirty shoes
Clean carpet.

And then,
Dirty carpet
Clean shoes.

But finally,
Dirty carpet
Dirty shoes.

Write your own absurbious entry based on the photo above. Caption, poem, story, recipe...anything goes. Post it in the comment box. Thank you!


Shirsha said...

When we were standing in a line to get out of the Computer Lab at the end of the period, I realised I wasn't wearing my shoes. This was a older pair, then I realised Anand, standing before me in the line, had neatly taken off my shoes... It could be a mistake, esp since all school shoes look so same, but am sure he purposely exchanged our pairs...

Ahiri said...

She : wow !!! ..really you could be in Guinness book you know .

She : turn around ....let me see

(turns his head around)

She : Wow and your feet are still in
the same direction . Wow !!!!We
will be famous now.

Anonymous said...

Long Leg No Shoes
Short Leg Azhukku Socks
Fine Leg yet to find
Deep Sqare Leg full of Vedippu
Forward Short Leg too small

Anonymous said...

Legs dont show he thought! Maybe someone would look at the picture and think that these belong to two people who love each other and are happy together!!

Falstaff said...

"What are you waiting for then? You can't possibly miss at this range. Shoot and be done with it, damn you!"

Anonymous said...

clean shoes......
clean socks....
on the wooden floor..

Ready to go out....

But ......
Pair of shoes
facing the socks


only one socks is there....
where is the other one?

now I got it....
Pair of shoes are
waiting for .....
one of the socks to come out.

IBH said...
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IBH said...

If only, I knew that you would give one foot for this nice white nike shoes.....

Anonymous said...

Right pair to left pair:
how much longer do we practice. This is my savdhan.

LP to RP: I am in vishram, can't you see, your savdhan is absurbious

RP to LP: as long as there's no parade commander in parade ground I can do any type of savdhan.

LP to RP: well you can't win anything with this.

RP to LP: I don't care, as long as I pass my test.

LP to RP: attitude matters dude...

RP to LP: ok how much longer do we practice......


Anonymous said...

உன் ஷூ என்னோடத விட வெளுப்பா? எப்படி?

டேய், நான் தோய்க்கறேன்.. நீ தோய்க்கறதில்லை

நன்றி: சிரிப்போ சிரிப்பு காசெட், மயில்சாமி, லக்ஷ்மண்

Unknown said...

Corporate version of the game Dog and the Bone!

Munimma said...

We came out of the (shoe) closet, said the pair of socks. Now it is your turn.

Black Shoes
White Shoes
I wear black and white shoes
Black shoes
white shoes
I wear no shoes

feet stink
Socks over feet
socks stink
shoes over socks
shoes over socks over feet
They all stink, stink, stink.