Tuesday, August 26, 2008

In praise of...5

In praise of Michael Johnson
How can anyone so talented be so likeable? And so eloquent? And articulate? And humble but not in a false way? And handsome? And in a very disturbing way, normal?
If you'd been watching BBC's coverage of the Olympics, you couldn't have missed the fantastic Michael Johnson. A supreme athlete who never once failed a doping test, Johnson's record in the 100mts* was long regarded as unbreakable. Until a Jamaican stepped into the scene. When asked how he felt about his record being broken by Usain Bolt, the supreme Johnson quipped (and I paraphrase), 'Records are not like kids. You can't hold on to them forever. Plus, it's not as if I woke up every morning to maintain my record. Once I set it, my job was pretty much done.' Like I said before, too normal no?
*correction: it was his 200 mts record that remained unchallenged for a long time


Anonymous said...

Very normal and oh so gorgeous

mitr_bayarea said...

Good one..I am a fan of Jordan too...

Harsha V. Madhyastha said...

Not that it really matters to the theme of the post, but it was Johnson's record in the 200m that was considered unbreakable :)

Anonymous said...

Umm... I'm not a Johnson hater or anything...just a neutrak sports fan.

Trust me, Johnson is far from what you have mentioned him to be. He said those words only because he had no other way out. I think you haven't listened to his words just before Bolt ran the 200 meters.

Also you should the race between donovan bailey and himself and how he fakes an injury to avoid the insult of losing.