Friday, January 15, 2010

Dear Aaron Chanakya Balan

Dear Aaron Chanakya Balan

What a weirdly wonderful name your mother has chosen for you. No, don't ever blame your father for it. I don't for a minute believe he has any choice in the matter. In fact, your mother was told of your birth when she was a mere slip of a girl. So she must have been plotting your name for a while.

Aaron, you look gorgeous and are a spitting image of your mother. But I don't think you can ever match up to her in spirit or intelligence. You will never understand the odds that she has had to overcome to be where she is today. Learn to love her. Yes, she can be hard work at times. But give the devil its due. She has not had an easy time and she deserves all the affection that you can find inside you.

Aaron, you are very lucky to have been born to a wonderful mother and father and an absolute darling of a sister. You have completed the picture. Welcome aboard, little boy!

Enjoy the ride.




Premalatha said...

What did I do to deserve such kind (?!) words. I blame you for starting my baby blues tears.

Thank You.

Michelle said...

Yep, he's beautiful... like his mother. ;-)

Anonymous said...

That's beautiful!

Haddock said...

like this one

abhilash warrier said...

Hey Jikku,

You are responsible for a journey between two hearts. This journey started in 2006 when the two sat at their workplace and read your Quick Tales together staring at each other and the same PC monitor.

Thank you. You were instrumental. You deserve a huge hug and a kiss for this. Bless you.